Cross Water Outfitters

Crossing Many Waters and Representing the Cross of Christ


January 2017 Friends & Neighbors Event

October 2015, Lake Belton – BLORA WTB Event

April 2015 Lake Belton – BLORA WTB Event

January 2014, Lake Conroe – Friends & Neighbors Event

December 2013, Lake Conroe – Friends & Neighbors Event

March 2013 Lake Belton – BLORA WTB Event

October 2013, Lake Belton – BLORA WTB Event

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  • Conroe is only a month away.
    Right now we are full with a few on the waiting list.
    I have
    cabin Pure Country
    Ed VanOstrand , Wes VanOstrand , Terry Tubbs. John Tubbs, Tim Tubbs, Troy Tubbs

    cabin Lake House
    Byron Mays + 5

    cottage Western
    Dennis Martin, Robert Tubbs , Dustin Warncke and freind

    cottage Humming bird
    Kyle Welch + 3

    cottage Knotty Pine
    Ed Helon, Steve Norris , Darrell Brown, Parker Brown

    cottage Texan
    Rick Schroeder, Steve Gardipee, Eliot Nixon and son

    cottage Fisherman
    Ned Roehrig, Colton Roehrig, TJ, Andrew

    cottage Light House
    Dallas Everett+1 , Richard hayes +2

    Any changes please let me know.
    we will meet at Lowes parking lot Friday morning and leave SHARP at 6;00am.
    We will stop at Hearne for breakfast as usual

    Remember to bring warm close and rain gear incase and your own towel wash rag and soap.
    We will have Ed and Wes as our cook team so as usual we will be feed good.
    Looking forward in seeing everyone.

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    This is the final formal communication for our upcoming Bridges International event. I have some additional information about lodging plans, as well as other logistics. Please read below and let me know if you have any questions.

    Also, please note that due to a work commitment that has been transferred to me, I am unable to attend. Eliot Nixon will be leading CWO efforts on the water for this event.

    Eliot’s contact information:

    Eliot Nixon

    What: Crosswater Outfitters w/ Bridges International
    When: October 27-28, 2017
    Where: Camp Buckner/Lake LBJ

    Event Schedule:

    The event schedule is attached. Note that the Log Country Cove will not be available for use on Friday night - it is only available Saturday. If you plan on arriving and launching Friday night, please contact Eliot and let him know.

    We will not be doing a fish fry at this event.

    Immediate Needs:

    Before your arrival, please contact Eliot to confirm when you are arriving and to receive any last minute instructions.
    Arrival Notes:

    Friday evening, Time TBD – CWO Staff arrives, launches boats, possible fishing activity.
    Saturday – Prior to breakfast: Captains briefing. Please have your boat in the water, jugs ready, and clean/pressed CWO Team shirt on.
    Saturday after breakfast - Begin serving students.

    From Austin or Temple/Belton: Take TX-29 west from Georgetown to Burnet. On the west side of Burnet, go left on FM 3509. This road will end, the speed limit will drop to 35, and it will become Hoover’s Valley Road. Turn left on Park Road 4 for a short distance, then turn slight right onto FM 2342. Camp Buckner will be on the left. I have taken this route via Google Maps and found it easy to navigate. I don’t know how well it works on iPhone.
    All CWO staff who identified that they required lodging will be staying at Cabin 19 at Thunderbird. Access can be coordinated through Eliot or John Williams.
    Map of Log Country Cove is attached. Eliot has communicated that parking may be a little tight. Please ensure that you coordinate with him upon arrival so that any last minute logistics can be worked out.
    Given the season, bait should be plentiful. Captains are responsible for ensuring their boat has enough to run jugs. There are several bait shops in the vicinity as well. More information about bait locations will come in a later email

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    Morning folks! Just wanted to say that I'm extremely excited to get to join you guys at Lake Conroe this year! Be a great vacation to finish off this deployment! That being said I'd really like to get in touch with my boat captain. A gentleman named Ned. Mr. Ned if you could shoot me a Facebook message I'd be greatly appreciative! Thanks fellas! God leads the way! Ghost 6 Golf out! ...

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