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January 2017 Friends & Neighbors Event

October 2015, Lake Belton – BLORA WTB Event

April 2015 Lake Belton – BLORA WTB Event

January 2014, Lake Conroe – Friends & Neighbors Event

December 2013, Lake Conroe – Friends & Neighbors Event

March 2013 Lake Belton – BLORA WTB Event

October 2013, Lake Belton – BLORA WTB Event

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  • Team,
    This is the first formal communication for our upcoming Team Building event. I will need a response from anyone who is participating. Please note the participation restrictions below in the “Immediate Needs” section.

    What: Crosswater Outfitters Team Building
    When: February 9-11, 2018
    Where: Thunderbird Resort, Lake Buchanan

    Event Schedule:

    The event schedule will be posted in a future email.

    Immediate Needs:

    Please review your calendar and respond as soon as is reasonable whether or not you can attend and in what role (captain/deckhand). Note that this event will be for any team member who is currently serving or who has served with us at any past event, or who has committed to serve with us but hasn’t yet been able to attend. We will not be inviting guests to this event.

    We will try to cut off sign-ups no later than a week prior to the event so that John can finalize the lodging.
    Arrival Notes:

    Welcome briefing will start at a time to be announced later at the Event Center. Our current plan is to begin the event on Friday morning and proceed on a schedule similar to our Friends and Neighbors events. If other commitments will prevent you from arriving early Friday, note this in your response, but please make every effort to secure Friday for this event if possible.

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    We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! It has been a blessing to serve with each and every one of you in CWO and to serve our soldiers who defend our freedom and make it possible to be able to tell others the great news of Jesus Christ. I pray each and everyone one of you take a time to reflect on the past year and also get ready for the upcoming year as we need to spread the word and the great news of Jesus Christ to everyone we can. Looking forward to a great year with each of you and may God Bless you and your families. ...

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    Lake Conroe Dec 2017 ...

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