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Crossing Many Waters and Representing the Cross of Christ


Cross Water Outfitter’s mission is to reflect the love of Christ to men and their families through jugfishing for catfish or have an interest in learning about jugfishing. We share the simple message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate this through the simplicity of jugfishing (and have a LOT of fun doing both!).

While we strive to outfit men for a successful fishing adventure, more importantly, we represent the Cross of Christ who is the Living Water and we outfit men for a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to show by example how to use our gifts and talents to love and serve the Lord with the intention to make disciples.
(Matthew 4:19)

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    Cross Water Outfitters
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ...

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    On this episode Dustin Warncke hosts another live stream episode on location at a Cross Water Outfitters fishing ministry event. Dennis Martin and Ed Hellon join as Dustin’s guests and these three avid outdoorsmen talk about the great outdoors, boat maintenence during the winter months and innovations in boating technology, bass fishing and much more! Thank you as always for listening!

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