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  • Morning folks! Just wanted to say that I'm extremely excited to get to join you guys at Lake Conroe this year! Be a great vacation to finish off this deployment! That being said I'd really like to get in touch with my boat captain. A gentleman named Ned. Mr. Ned if you could shoot me a Facebook message I'd be greatly appreciative! Thanks fellas! God leads the way! Ghost 6 Golf out! ...

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    This is the second formal communication for our upcoming WTB event, which is less than two weeks away. Please read below and let me know if you have any questions.

    What: Crosswater Outfitters WTB Event
    When: October 6-8, 2017
    Where: Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (BLORA) - Lake Belton

    Event Schedule:

    Will be posted in a later email. Expect the schedule to be similar to our past events.

    Immediate Needs:

    We are up to 11 participating boats, but we are still hopeful for 14. If you are planning to captain at this event and you are not on the captain's list below, please let me know.
    Arrival Notes:

    Friday, 10:00 AM – Initial briefing followed immediately by the Salt Covenant
    Friday, Noon – Soldiers and families begin arriving. Please have your boat in the water, jugs ready, and clean/pressed CWO Team shirt on.

    From Killeen: Take FM 439 east about 12 miles to Sparta Road and turn left. From there, watch for the BLORA signs - they are fairly prominent. BLORA will be on your right about 4 miles down as you traverse Sparta Road.

    From Burnet: Take US 281N to Lampasas, then US 190E to Nolanville. In Nolanville, exit at TX-439 Spur/Nolanville. From there, you need to do some maneuvering:

    Merge onto S Central Texas Expy
    Turn left onto N Main St
    Turn left onto W Avenue I
    Turn right onto 439 Spur/Farm to Market Spur 439
    Slight right toward FM 439 E
    Turn right onto FM 439 E

    Alternatively, you could take US 190 all the way to Loop 121, then turn left at Sparta Road, at Belton High School.

    I’m presuming everyone else knows how to get there from Temple, Belton, or the greater Austin area. If not, please let me know.

    Key Personnel at Event:
    Cook Team: Ed VanOstrand, Melinda VanOstrand, Janie Tubbs
    Salt Covenant: Dan Kirkley
    Fish Fry Leader: Terry Tubbs
    Fishing Area Coordination: Dennis Martin
    Bonfire and Smores Coordinator: TBD
    Fish Cleaning Captain: Dustin Warncke
    Child Care: Janie Tubbs
    Emcee: Dennis Martin
    Ladies Class: Debby Schroeder
    Devotion – Keep it Simple: Dennis Martin
    Devotion – New Normal: Dustin Warncke
    Mobile Home and Cabin Occupation:
    If you haven’t already, please reply to myself and Rick ( if you plan on staying in a mobile home at BLORA for this event. Mobile home assignments will come at the welcome briefing.
    As before, there is no dock at BLORA, so boats will need to be beached when parking. Please make allowances for this and bring a T-post if you have one.
    Given the season, bait should be plentiful. Captains are responsible for ensuring their boat has enough to run jugs. There are several places near BLORA that are known to hold bait. If you need assistance with this, please let one of us know.
    Captains currently committed:

    Dennis Martin
    Ed Hellon
    Eliot Nixon
    Terry Tubbs
    Ned Roehrig
    Dallas Everett
    Michael Saunders
    Larry Thompson
    Steve Gardipee
    Richard Hayes
    Bill Biggs

    A complete roster will come in the next email.

    Distribution of this Email:
    It’s possible that I have left folks off who need to be on here. If that is the case, please forward to anyone missing and have them contact me with –
    -Email address

    If you would like to stop receiving these emails, please respond and let me know. I will remove you from my contact list.

    Please be in prayer for this event and let me know if you have any questions.


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    On rescue of elderly woman in wheel chair in vidor, been trying to get to her for two hours. All prayers welcome.. we're fine just want to get to her!
    Thank you cross water outfitters for use of this boat!

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