Cross Water Outfitters is a fishing ministry based in Central Texas and specializes in jug-fishing for Catfish on local Central Texas Area lakes. Our mission is to reflect the Love of God and Jesus Christ to men and their families through enjoying the great outdoors.

Our main mission is to work as a ministry with US Army veterans who have recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan by introducing them to local fishing excitement and the simple Gospel message. We also host "Friends and Neighbors" events for civilians and others looking to have an new enriching experience with God.  Feel free to browse our website and contact us for more information about our upcoming events! 

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We are a non-profit ministry and thank you for your continued support to make our events possible now and in the future. Lives are changed at every one of our events and we humbly thank you for your partnership in our ministry!

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We catch many trophy sized blue catfish on our trips to Lake Conroe each December and January. On this past December trip, we might have caught our smallest catfish ever! Check it out!

Our October 2015 event with the Warriors in Transition Brigade from Fort Hood at BLORA (Belton Lake) was an awesome success! We we had a great long weekend of jugfishing for catfish, great food, and wonderful fellowship with the soldiers and their families as well as the CWO team. Our CWO staff pulled together and worked in unity to make sure everyone had a great time. Our mission is to bring soldiers and their families into a closer relationship with God in Christ and we did that through boat prayers, morning devotions, and other opportunities to share fellowship with each other. We love these events and hope to continue to serve through our calling to minister to those who might need encouragement and a spiritual awakening. This is God's work, using our hands!

Our December and January Friends and Neighbors events were a huge success!

Our "Floor Fish" ranged from 24 to 62 pounds. Men and youth alike were encouraged and inspired by each other to go out into the world and share the love of God through Christ.


One very touching story at our January 2015 event was the reunion of CWO boat captain Bill Biggs with his son, also named Bill. They hadn't seen each other in over 15 years and this event brought them together, providing an opportunity for Bill and his son to spend time on the water fishing together and Bill to connect with his grandchildren.
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