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Being out there on the water makes me feel closer to God. I must tell you that is the first time I have ever stood on a boat like that. I had so much fun. I wish it could have lasted longer. Being around people that are so filled with the Spirit that I can feel it when I walk by them. Every one of you are amazing. And I love you all so much. It has done so much good for my son. I see a change in him that I had not seen in years. Thank you all so much for allowing me and mine to be a part of something that I will hold dear to my heart forever. And the kindness you showed me. God is good!"

-Nancy S

" I had a very good time. It was awesome being around a group of guys that were clean in mind, body, and spirit. I have struggled much with my new injuries and trials in my life due to the combat injuries physically and mentally. It has always been hard for me to accept these. The first day there when I was on the boat just knowing that you are good men supporting me for my sacrifices that I have made for my country. Everyday that has gone by since this last weekend I wake up with a different attitude about who I am now. As John Tubbs said it on Sunday morning "I am in my new norm". I really am grateful that there are men out there who sacrifice their own time, energy, efforts, and money to show their gratitude for the members in the armed services. Thank you Cross Water Outfitters for your awesome example and humble spirit of joy, love, and peace. It had a major impact on me. "

-SSG Ian Campbell

“Cross Water Outfitters has been an inspiration to me and has provided me an opportunity for Christian fellowship and accountability while experiencing the outdoors.  It has provided an opportunity to serve in ministry but also an opportunity to be served. My involvement with this organization has reconfirmed the importance of Christian fellowship as an active discipline towards spiritual growth.  I have personally witnessed the strengthening of family bonds through the dynamic of small group interpersonal relationships unique to this ministry design. The personal investment of one’s time, resources and talents are offered as gifts in service to Soldiers serving our nation.  The integration of fun, fellowship and faith in conjunction with a productive catfish catching system combines for a profound experience due to the shaping operation of God at work. ” 

-Chaplain Kyle Welch

 "The verse in  Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens  iron, so one man sharpens another," perfectly describes what Cross Waters ministry means to me. During these trips as a Captain and a member of the crew of the Cross Water fleet we have an opportunity to  minister to the  soldiers who have served this nation,  doing whatever is needed to make their trip a joyful, peaceful and rewarding event. We have a chance to listen to the soldiers stories and  share our  experiences with them as they transition to civilian life or return to active service.These trips mean looking for opportunities  to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the soldiers and their families, and watch as they rebuild relationships, rediscover the meaning of peace and fulfillment and prioritize their lives. When one returns from these trips the Captain and the crews, as well as the soldiers and their families feel fulfilled, relaxed and revitalized by the experiences they have encountered. These trips are a once in a life time chance to experience the joys of God's creation along with the companionship of men who have learned the true meaning of life."

-Rick Schroeder, CWO Member

"Cross Water Outfitters (CWO) has been a huge blessing to me over the last four years. I come from a very checkered past and CWO has made me feel a sense of worth by giving me the opportunity to serve others through this amazing ministry.

The events are put together so well and ran so smoothly that it is evident God is at work in CWO. The ultimate focus is to introduce people to to Jesus or encourage them to take their present relationship with Him to the next level.

The CWO staff are derived from people from various backgrounds and ages, all with one common goal...to see people gain a relationship with Christ. I am excited about the future of CWO and I'm highly grateful for the opportunity to serve our amazing Creator through this awesome ministry."

In His Service,

Todd Smith, CWO Member

"I have PTSD and tend to be a loner and feel uncomfortable in groups. When Kyle (Chaplain Welch) first invited me on a CWO trip I declined. After some thought and encouragement from my Wife I decided to try it.
Participating with CWO has led me to a completely new circle of friends who treat each other like family.
I have struggled with my relationship with the Lord for many years and the fellowship with CWO has brought me to a new understanding.
Now instead of being apprehensive about the trips and fellowship with members I look forward.
Thank you so much for allowing me to become a member of such a great organization,"
Bill Biggs

"Great fellowship, delicious food, and the fishing was even better!

Jugline fishing for catfish on Lake Conroe over the Jan. 18-20 weekend was one of the best experiences of its kind that I've had in my life.

Inspirational, educational, and a lot of fun with new old friends...or old new friends!  Teammates, working together and helping each other ( and catching a few 50+ pounders
along the way)

Can't wait to do it again.  I'm Hooked !  Thanks for a wonderful time! "  

-Don White

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