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We are a non-profit ministry and thank you for your continued support to make our events possible now and in the future. Lives are changed at every one of our events and we humbly thank you for your partnership in our ministry!

News Feed

Our CWO WTB event on Belton Lake at BLORA in October was a HUGE SUCCESS! See our Photo Page for new pictures!

Dustin Warncke featured CWO's last BLORA event in a Recent Article

entitled "Are You Gonna Eat That?" with Mac and Prowler's Hunting TV Show

Recap of July 2013 Meeting
: We spent time in celebrating Crosswater's ministry and welcomed Hogs for a Cause and True Grind Ministries in supporting our ministry. We prayed for each other, our central Texas area cities and our continued growth in our ministry to serve WTB soldiers and their families through our events.

Recap of June 2013 Meeting: The CWO Meeting at Old Jody's Restaurant in Temple was awesome. We talked about new ways to better communicate with boat captians during CWO events, how to include more family activities for family members not wanting to go out on the boats, and expanding the mission and reach of the CWO ministry. Awesome fellowship as always!


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